About me

 I left Solihull School in 2011after successfully completing A Levels in Art (A*), Photography (A) and Design (B). I then spent a year at Falmouth’s renowned School of Art studying Art and Design on a Foundation Course. 


The Foundation course enabled me to explore many different facets of Art and Design, and during my time at Falmouth I

re-discovered my passion for car design. When I was younger I was forever doodling and sketching cars and other vehicles. Even at School, through out all of my projects in Art, Photography and Design and Technology, cars and other forms of transport were ever present. 


I am really lucky to have found and studied a subject that I am truly passionate about and interested in. In First and Second year of my university career I was open to designing all forms of transport, car, trains and planes. But It was an influential third year at university where I truly found my ambition to become a yacht designer. This was when I was invited to spend 5 months at Nuvolari Lenard the leading Super yacht design studio in Italy near the beautiful city of Venice!


In 2016 following my third year I completed my fourth and final year at university with a first class degree in yacht design.


I am now a passionate and highly creative individual pursuing opportunities to build a career in the marine and super yacht industry. I have the desire to inspire others through my unique design language. I have an eye for detail taking pleasure in exploring, developing and presenting new ideas.  


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